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Our Story

Zenful Wellbeing, originally known as JH Sports Massage Leeds, has grown into a comprehensive health and wellness center. The transformation of the brand mirrors the vision of its founder, Jason Ho, who has transitioned from focusing solely on physical therapies to an integrated approach, embracing both physical and mental wellbeing.

In 2017, Jason embarked on his journey as a Sports Massage Therapist, dedicated to aiding the Leeds community with their physical ailments. His arsenal of healing techniques includes sports massage, deep tissue massage, and unconventional yet effective treatments such as dry cupping therapy, scraping therapy, or Gua sha/Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), shockwave therapy, and acupuncture.

Throughout his career, Jason noticed a compelling correlation between physical discomfort and mental distress. He understood that the body often mirrors the mind, revealing that many physical pains are manifestations of underlying mental strains. This revelation prompted him to expand his professional scope, resulting in his decision to undergo additional training in counselling.

Becoming a qualified counsellor allowed Jason to provide holistic care for his clients, addressing not just physical symptoms, but also mental health issues. The inclusion of counselling services at Zenful Wellbeing signifies this transformation, offering clients a robust solution for their overall health and wellbeing.

With the integration of counselling services, Jason decided to rebrand JH Sports Massage Leeds to Zenful Wellbeing. This rebranding represents a significant expansion of the clinic's services and symbolizes its evolution into a comprehensive wellness center. Zenful Wellbeing now provides a one-stop solution for clients seeking a balanced lifestyle, with counselling playing a pivotal role in its treatment portfolio. It's a testament to Jason's commitment to delivering holistic care, addressing the root causes of both physical pain and mental distress through the inclusion of counselling services.



1 Bodmin Chase, Leeds LS10 4UU

07398 508 534

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